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Hidden Gems of Glasgow – Ashton Lane

Hidden Gems of Glasgow - Ashton Lane

One of my favourite places, Ashton Lane is situated just off one of the main streets in Glasgow’s West End – Byres Road. It’s a charming lane with a cobbled street, with a fantastic range of pubs and restaurants, plus a retro independent cinema – The Grosvenor which opened in 1921. Being a sociable fellow, wee Kilty here has visited several of these fine establishments, many of which have a unique atmosphere.

I’ve on occasion been known to enjoy a pint by the roaring fire in the upstairs bar of the Ubiquitous Chip – the restaurant has an excellent reputation locally and the various bars always seem to attract a crowd. Across the lane, my drink of choice is Guiness in Jinty McGintys – a top notch wee Irish boozer which hosts live music every weekend, and I have been known to start the dancin’. Another favourite spot is Brel, which promotes itself as Ashton Lane’s most magical venue and claims to have the most awesome beer garden in Glasgow. I’m rather partial to enjoying a beer or two from their fine selection of world beers and although what to select from the menu can be tricky when there are so many delicious options, typically Moules Frites wins out.

And while we’re talking food – wee Kilty boy has quite the appetite. When it comes to a good curry, a serious decision has to be made; the independent, vibrant Wee Curry Shop or the more traditional well known Ashoka chain.  Both serve delicious, high-quality food and definitely fulfil ones appetite.

Now I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong impression of me – wee kilty is not always out eating and drinking. For an alternative’s night entertainment, I do enjoy a visit to the Grosvenor cinema. This wee gem provides a most comfortable cinema viewing experience – and if you feel like getting cosy with a friend, there is the option to book a sofa rather than your traditional theatre style seats. Although an independent cinema, the Grosvenor has a great programme of up-to date movie releases, and also supports event cinema such as live screenings theatre productions via satellite.

In summary, I think Ashton Lane has plenty to offer and wee Kilty would certainly recommend a visit.

Ashton Lane in Glasgow's West Eng

Ashton Lane

Jinty MgGinty's in Ashton Lane

Jinty McGuintys

The Grosvenor Cinema, Ashton Lane

Grosvenor Cinema